Customer Comparisons

The following are actual figures compare a medical savings health plan vs. a Virginia-based Blue Cross/Blue Shield traditional PPO plan for a healthy family of 4 in their mid-50’s.  The family’s aggregate exposure is identical in both plans.  Call to run your personal comparison:  (800) 383-7729

Medical Savings
Health Plan
Current Plan
(Blue Cross/Blue Shield)
Monthly Cost of Insurance $336.75 $657.00
Health Savings Deposit $437.50 $0.00
Total Gross Outlay $774.25 $657.00
Tax Deduction for Insurance
(Insurance Rate x 100% x 32%) $107.76 $210.24
Tax Deduction for Savings Deposit
(Savings Deposit x 32%) $140.00 $0.00
Total Tax Savings $257.76 $210.24
Cost After Tax Savings $526.49 $446.76
Health Savings Deposit (your money) $437.50 $0.00
Net Monthly Cost of Insurance after Taxes $88.99 $446.76

*Combined Income tax rate for this family is 32% and they chose to deposit the maximum amount into their HSA, which is $437.50 per month.

How a Tax-Deductible Health Savings Account Works
Coverage for Actual Family in the Roanoke Valley, Age 50-59

1 An insurance policy is purchased that pays big bills, up to $2 million. Monthly cost for $5,250 deductible 100% plan
2 Money is put into your own Health Savings Account (you choose the trustee for this account) Maximum allowed monthly Health Savings Deposit ($5,250.00 per year).


3 You use the savings account to pay for small bills. You can also pay for eyeglasses, dental work and alternative medicine, like acupuncture, tax free. Personal savings you control
up to
4 Net cost of the insurance is the lowest available Per month after tax insurance cost